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Dancer against Cancer

Dancer against Cancer

Schau am Morgen in den Spiegel und stell Dir vor, dass heute Dein letzter Tag ist. Dann erzähl Deinem Spiegelbild, was Du in Deinem Leben erreicht hast und worauf Du stolz sein kannst…

..und dann sei froh, dass es nicht Dein letzter Tag ist, und nutze Dein Leben, um etwas zu erreichen, worauf Du einmal wirklich stolz sein kannst….


Wie alles begann…

Some day, october 2004, Matthias Urrisk – Art Director of the Dancing School Rueff and a close friend of mine – told me about his sister suffered skin cancer.

She was at the age of me and I thought – like most people would – this will work out just fine, doctors will cure her. Christmas just passed I was told, that she will not be cured and in May 2005 she has lost her fight against cancer. She was a friend, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a grand daughter. She was full of life, always.

One cannot do anything but to accept, cry and despair, be mad on god, cry again – but nothing will be changed.

But we wanted to do something, providing others of the same destiny.
Dancer against Cancer was brought to being October 2006.
We knew before what it means to work hard. Now we know, what it means to work even harder. But it was and is our dream and our passion to bring this ball alive, year after year. We hope we can give one good day to people and illuminate about the threat of cancer.

Until now, there are so many people wanting to help us. And Dancer against Cancer is a project, where every single one counts. In the first five years we raised € 236.000,- through DaC.

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